Advice for Beginner Bloggers (part 2)

Tip #2 Post with Passion; Develop Major Themes

I originally planned to write these as two separate steps, but they kind of go together.

Here goes:

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do when I first started this blog. At first I was writing about some of the political issues happening in my religious denomination back in the States (yawn). Those posts were deleted. My first post (that I didn’t delete) was a movie review.

I eventually focused on two major themes: relationship advice (for men, for women) and devotionals. Once I chose these themes, the writing just flowed. It isn’t hard for me to find inspiration to write—I already care about these subjects. Over two years (and a book) later, I’m still writing regularly.

It’s OK if you only want to write about your day-to-day life (after all, this is just a hobby). People you know personally may be interested in anything that comes to your mind. Just remember that the masses probably won’t care to read about what you had for breakfast.

If you want a broader audience, write about subjects that will appeal to those outside your immediate circle of friends.
Relatively few of my readers know me personally. They read my blog because of the subject matter. In the same way, I tend to read blogs related to subjects I’m interested in (Christian issues, technology, etc). The Internet’s reach is vast—chances are you’ll find readers who share similar interests/passions.

Hopefully you can develop a few major themes. Some of the most visited blogs, in fact, are focused on one major subject (technology, making money, etc). It may take some trial and error, but try to find some general direction for your writing.

Write about things you care about, choose a general direction, and you’ll be one step closer to attracting a loyal reader base.

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4 Responses to Advice for Beginner Bloggers (part 2)

  1. Kim (justifiedbygrace) says:

    Wow!! This was very helpful...thank you kuya kevin! hmmm..nagiisip na aq ng topic na immajor ko.

  2. Ferds says:

    Kuya Kevin:

    Isang mapagpalang araw!

    Thanks so much for sharing this. You gave me an idea about starting my own blog.

    Can I start blogging even though I am not a good writer like you?

  3. Yes, you can. I'll write about that in my next post.

  4. looks like I will be learning from this site. I will be back here

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