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Some of you may have noticed the little Entrecard widget that I’ve added to my blog (the “blog of the day” space over on the right). I’ve noticed these widgets on other blogs for quite some time, but only recently have I started using it.

What do I think? Well, I’m still using it, so I’m obviously satisfied with the results so far. Let me explain what Entrecard is and how it works. I’ll also give you my evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Entrecard is basically a banner exchange service. You earn and use credits which are used to buy banner ads on other user’s blogs.

Now, here are the pros and cons of Entrecard:


Increased Traffic
This service quickly brings new traffic to your site, which is a major advantage for new bloggers. The traffic comes in three ways:

1. Through advertising your website on other blogs.
2. Through the “drop” system—when another user visits your site and clicks the widget, that user earns one credit and gives you a credit.
3. Through the Entrecard website. Users find your website while browsing places to advertise.

I’ve found several new blogs/bloggers through Entrecard. I’ve particularly enjoyed finding Christian and Filipino bloggers. This works mutually—other bloggers have found my website.

It’s Free
Once you sign up, Entrecard gives you 250 credits to get going. You can earn more credits by advertising your blog and by dropping/receiving drops. You can also buy credits if you want (through paypal), but it isn’t necessary.

Access to Statistics
You can access fairly detailed information regarding the traffic/hits you are receiving from the system.


Time Consuming
You don’t need money to use Entrecard, but you’ll need time. You can earn 300 credits a day through dropping, but I’ve never come close to that—I just don’t have the time (or motivation) to visit that many blogs. I’d rather spend my time on high quality content. 

The Pricing System
The cost of advertising on a blog depends entirely on the number of ads already in that blog’s queue. The more popular the blog, the more expensive and the longer you have to wait to advertise there. It isn’t a complicated system, but there’s one problem—you don’t really know how many hits a particular blog receives. This makes it difficult to know how valuable a blog really is in terms of potential traffic (you can learn after you have advertised, but the credits have been spent by then).  

If you are willing to invest the time, Entrecard is a good way to increase traffic and network with other bloggers.

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12 Responses to Entrecard Review

  1. Kim says:

    Pwede ba sa multiply toh?

  2. Thess says:

    It does increase traffic and it's not that I want hits, though I don't find that bad, I just want more people (specially women) to read what I write because I write and blog now to get my messages across to others.

    I too am a lazy dropper and only drops a maximum of 5 drops a day, my internet is slow and gets bored waiting..haha, and I limit my time here.

  3. Kim,
    I haven't tried using it with multiply, but I doubt it would work.

    It can be hard if you have a slow internet connection.

  4. joie says:

    It is hard when the internet is slow.
    Im not a dropper my self.
    BTW Kev is it OK if I add your blog to my blog list?
    And that goes to thess too.. :D

  5. Joie,
    I'd be happy for you to ad me. Blessings!

  6. thess says:

    Of course Joie and thanks in advance!

    God bless!

  7. I agree with your review, you summed it up very well. Some blogs, like mine, do have counters on them to show number of hits, but then you don't always know how old the blog is so that may not really be an accurate way to tell. I never come close to dropping 300 a day either--just do what I fell like and that's it.

  8. Karen,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    I think some stop using Entrecard once they establish really high traffic. Fine and good, but at least it helped them get there.

    So far I've been very pleased with it, and I think some of the complaints against it are without merit.

  9. I couldn't find you EC widget today. Wonder if it's just my IE browser acting up or if something's wrong on your blog???

  10. Looks fine here--maybe it's an IE issue. Thanks!

  11. Carnation says:

    entrecard has indeed added more traffic to my blog, and i found some interesting blogs out there w/o any effort of googling etc. so it's nice but like you i also do not have time to drop cards but i think it is ok if we are not really after the points but just to be able to have traffic and get to "meet" others!

  12. jenn says:

    A good and succinct interpretation of Entrecard. :) I think it's fun to surf around, like Carnation says; we get a little reward for it in the form of points, and get to read stuff we might not otherwise have..

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