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10 Ways To Keep Blog Traffic LOW

Follow these steps to keep the traffic low and the hits awayl

10. Don’t even think about advertising—even for pennies per click.  If you do this, you may get traffic without advertising some day.

9. Write only about the most boring and mundane aspects of your life, like what you had for breakfast or your jerky boss.

8. Don’t tell your friends about your blog—they might actually be interested in it.

7. Don’t mention your blog on your social networks like Friendster or MySpace.

6. Don’t include your blog address in email signatures. 

5. Stay off the forums and out of the chat rooms—there are other people there who might notice you
and your blog.

4. Don’t pay any attention to your blog design and layout.  Who cares if it's ugly?

3. Don’t read pro blogs or follow their advice.  What do they know?

2. Pay no attention to those who comment.  Avoid interaction at all cost. Never leave a comment on
their blogs, either. 

1.  Don’t update—that way people will get bored and stop visiting.

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Entrecard Tip: Multiple Blogs on One Account

If you have more than one blog, ad it to your Entrecard account.  Here's the biggest advantage to this: multiple blogs collect more credits than one blog--even if they aren't all high traffic blogs.  You can send credits among your blog with no transfer penalty (as long as they are all on one account). 

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Snuggie: Why Didn't I Think of That?

The cheesy snuggie commercial has turned it into a pop-culture phenomenon.  We know it's corny, but apparently that's part of the charm.  It looks like America is falling in love with the Snuggie.  Go figure.

I can't decide if it makes the wearer look like a Jedi Knight or a satanic cult member.

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Blogger Tip: Importing/Exporting Blogs and Posts

I've started a couple of new blogs over the past few months.  This blog and my fitness blog are actually "spin-off's" of

I decided to try blogger's new importing/exporting feature.  But I didn't want to import all of just wanted to import the few posts that related to the new blogs/topics.

Blogger's import/export worked flawlessly:  it imported the posts and comments, but I only published selected posts.  Here's how it works:

First, take the blog you want to export from.  There's an option in your dashboard:

You can just export your blog as an xml file onto your hard drive.  It won't mess up the blog you are exporting from.  In fact, it's a good idea to do this on occassion so you'll have a backup file for your blog.  If your connection is decent, it won't take long.  I exported a 600+ entry blog in just a few minutes.

Now, you'll import this xml file into your new blog:

Here's what's cool:  the new imports will not automatically publish unless you click this box.  This will allow you to select which posts you want to import into your new blog later.  If you want to re-publish the entire blog into your new blog, just click the box.

This will show up on your screen while your files are uploading (if your connection is decent it won't take long).
Once uploaded, your imported posts (with comments) will show up in the dashboard of the blog you imported to.  If you chose not to automatically publish them, the'll show up labelled as imported--they won't be published yet.  Here's what my dashboard looked like on my fitness blog:  original post along with (unpublished) imported posts.

The imported posts will also have whatever label they had in the original blog.

Here's how you publish only selected imports:

Go through and select them one by one, or:

1. In your dashboard, click the label for posts you want to import.
2. Once they are loaded, select all of them and click publish.

Now, last step.  What about the other posts that you don't want to publish into the new blogger?  It's easy to delete all of them.  After you have published the desired posts, the imported label will disappear from those specific posts.  The remaining unpublished posts will still have the imported label, since you haven't published them.

So, once you've published all the imports you want, you can just click on the imported label and delete all those posts you decided not to publish into the new blog.

You can also go into your old blog, choose the label(s) for the posts you've exported, and delete them (so you won't have duplicate articles).

I really like this feature: if I ever get tired of this blog, I can just import it into one of my other blogs.

Here's the only thing you'll need to keep in mind: go back and fix any link issues caused by changing the location of your posts/articles.  

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