10 Ways To Keep Blog Traffic LOW

Follow these steps to keep the traffic low and the hits awayl

10. Don’t even think about advertising—even for pennies per click.  If you do this, you may get traffic without advertising some day.

9. Write only about the most boring and mundane aspects of your life, like what you had for breakfast or your jerky boss.

8. Don’t tell your friends about your blog—they might actually be interested in it.

7. Don’t mention your blog on your social networks like Friendster or MySpace.

6. Don’t include your blog address in email signatures. 

5. Stay off the forums and out of the chat rooms—there are other people there who might notice you
and your blog.

4. Don’t pay any attention to your blog design and layout.  Who cares if it's ugly?

3. Don’t read pro blogs or follow their advice.  What do they know?

2. Pay no attention to those who comment.  Avoid interaction at all cost. Never leave a comment on
their blogs, either. 

1.  Don’t update—that way people will get bored and stop visiting.

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    haha! i like your post here!

    THUMBS UP for you here!



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