Changing Blog URL in Blogger/Blogspot

I just changed the name/URL of this blog.  Easy enough:

But one word of caution: unless I did something wrong, the old blog address doesn't forward to the new name.  You just end up with this on the former blog address:

So this messes up any links you've created to the old blog name.

And for Entrecard users, all your current ads will point to the old (blank) blog, so you'll have to cancel and start over with any ads you bought. 

So, changing the URL isn't hard, but keep in mind the potential problems that con come with it.  Not a big deal here, since this is a new blog.  But it would be a major issue if this was an established blog with several backlinks, etc.

NOTE:  I'm talking about changing the actual url (web address of blogger).  Changing the title of your blog is not the same thing. 

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  1. Clark says:

    thanks for the tip!

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