Beware of FaceBook Worms

Facebook users beware--Facebook can be used to spread viruses/worms. Here's how it works:

1. An infected account sends you a message with a video link.

2. The link takes you a video and then tells you to update your flash player (screen shot below).

3. You proceed with the download, which is actually a form of malware.  You are now infected and you'll pass along the cyber-germs to other facebook users.

There's also another problem I've seen:  rogue applications.   These apps get you to sign in, giving access to your FB account info.

Here's an example:  I kept getting messages from contacts stating my profile was in violation of FB's terms of service.  I ignored these, but I assume this was come kind of rouge application designed to trick me to signing in.

I'd advise you to do the following:

1.  Keep your AV software current.

2.  Never download something if you are not sure what site it is coming from.  If a website tells you to download the flash player, just leave it and check for software updates on a trusted website (like

3. Never let your guard down.  Messages you receive may not be from your friends.  If it seems fishy (like a friend sending a weird video link or reporting you for violating TOS), ignore it or send your friend a message and ask if he/she actually sent the message (or app invitation).  

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