Entrecard: More Thoughts on the Changes

Here's another good thing that could come out of the Entrecard changes:  inflation control.

As you know, 75% of your credits just "disappear" when you buy an ad spot.  Let's say someone buys your ad slot for 64 credits.  48 of those credits just vanish--you get the remaining 16.  EC does this to control "credit inflation."

Maybe they won't have to do this after the system changes.  I like the idea of keeping more credits, and I think it could happen.  Let's say only 50% of the credits disappear--or what if none of them disappear?

I'm not sure this will happen, but it is a possibility.  

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  1. Fortunately, this is a benefit of the oncoming system. We are actually still working on inflation control and the deletion of credits will help tremendously.

    Andy T
    Entrecard Administration Team

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