10,000 Unique Visitors Scams

I see websites offering to give you 10,000 hits (unique visitors) for 8-10 dollars.  Please don't fall for this. 

Usually about the best you can do is a penny per click--that's the lowest most advertisers (adwords, etc) will allow.  I've been able to get cost down to half a cent per click by running some flat rate ads on high traffic websites (through adbrite).  But a penny per click is dirt cheap in terms of internet advertising, and it's about the best you're going to do.    

10,000 hits for ten bucks would mean you get one thousand hits per dollar; a tenth of a cent per hit.  There's that old saying, "If something sounds too good to be true . . ."  Well, it definitely applies here.

I made the mistake of trying one of these scams years ago.  I think I paid about 8 bucks and received no traffic.  I complained to paypal and won, but I don't think I ever got my money back (don't fall for money-back guarantees).  

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