Fast Blog Finder: Review and Tips

Before I give you my Fast Blog Finder review, let me disclose something:  the links below are affiliate links which I get commission for.  If my review is helpful, I would appreciate you using the link below so I could get a commission.

Fast Blog Finder is basically a SEO-building tool.  Here's how it works:  FBF looks for dofollow blogs.  When you comment (with your website address) on these blogs it helps you build your page rank.  Here's a screenshot:

When you search a term, you get a list of blogs, the blogs' page rank, the specific post's page rank, and number of outgoing links.  Posts with a high page rank and fewer outgoing links are the best options for building up your own page rank.

I've used this program for a few weeks.  Let me give you the pros and cons.

*It is user-friendly.  I was set up and running very quickly.
*It has found blogs I never would have otherwise known about.
*The theory behind it is sound in terms of SEO.
*You'll get traffic from the links you build.

*A search takes several minutes to complete (even with a pretty fast connection).  This is not a defect--it's just that the software has to search and process a lot of information.
*So far I haven't found "hundreds" of blogs each search--I normally only find a handful.
*Sometimes I don't see the connection between the blogs I find and the search term I used (though this gets better as I learn how to use the software).
*It is time consuming--you do have to go through the trouble of writing a coherent comment. 

So do I recommend it?  Yes.   I think this software is very helpful--I'm not aware of anything else that can give you this kind of information.  It would take thousands of hours for me to find this many blogs and know their pagerank, etc--Fast Blog Finder does this in minutes. 

Here's how I use it:

I have Fast Blog Finder on one of my computers.  I'll start a search and let it find blogs while I'm doing something else (or using my other computer).  Once a search is complete I'll start looking through the search results. 

As mentioned, sometimes the page doesn't seem to match the search I did.  This is where having more than one blog comes in handy.  If a page doesn't match the blog I had in mind for the search, I'll see if another of my blogs more closely matches the post.

In summary, I think Fast Blog Finder is a worthwhile software.

Want to try it? You can download the trial version by clicking HERE.
The trial version only gives you about 50 results, but you'll get the idea of how it works.

You can also go directly to the ordering page HERE. 

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