Friendster Profile Redirecting to Linkbuck

My friendster profile was redirecting to some kind of linkbucks website.  I figured out how to fix it:

This problem is caused by a comment which had some kind of malicious html code. 

Here's what you do.

1.  Go in your SETTINGS.

2.  Find SAFE MODE and click "YES".  This will disable the html codes in your comments and keep your profile from forwarding to the website.  But you still need to fix the problem.

3.  Look at your recent comments.  One of them is causing the problem.  Look for and delete a code that looks something like this (the code will be visible since you are in safe mode):

4. Go back to SETTINGS and turn off safe mode.
5.  Go back to your profile and see if you got rid of the malicious code.  If your profile keeps forwarding, you didn't delete the comment with the code that is causing the problem.

By the way, you should have your comments set to "never" for approve text comments automatically. 

Manually approving comments will not prevent all problems, but it will help a great deal.

I hope this helps.  Now, do you need some advice on your lovelife?  May tanong ka ba sa lablyf? Visit

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  1. Anonymous says:

    THIS IS VERY HELPFUL.....thank you very much

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