How to Choose Your Blog Topic-3 Questions

I’ve read quite a few articles on choosing a blog topic.  What I’d like to share with you is a more simplified, intuitive approach.  I think just three questions will have you well on your way.  Here goes:

1. What are you passionate about?
Almost every pro blogger I’ve read says the same thing—be passionate about your topic.  Think about it: you may spend the rest of your life making weekly (if not daily) post about your chosen subject.  It better be something you really care about.

2. What do people ask you about?
This question is a great way to figure out what you already know that others are interested in.  What do friends, family, or acquaintances ask your advice on?  This can be anything, from recipes to investment tips.  I started my fitness website because I’ve been giving training advice for years. 

3.  What are you learning?
Is there something you’ve been learning?  Blog it!  You don’t really have to be an expert—just invite others along your journey.  You may offer fresh insights the “experts” have overlooked. 

I hope these three questions will help you get started.    

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2 Responses to How to Choose Your Blog Topic-3 Questions

  1. DETH says:

    hi kuya kevin...
    this is really helpful.
    my blog - hehehe sobrang halo-halo... just random thoughts(sigh)
    i'll consider this tips:)thanks thanks.

  2. Well, halo-halo is OK for starters. But you may start finding a particular direction to go in, or you may start a new blog which is more focused :)

    For my non-Filipino readers, "halo-halo" basically means a mix or variety of things.

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