Paid Campaigns on Entrecard

I'm going to run a paid campaign on Entrecard.  2 cents per click is really a good deal, especially for banner ads.  But there's another benefit I didn't even think of--free traffic and clicks!

Here's what I mean:

As soon as I started running my ad I saw this when I checked statcounter:

If I understand this correctly, these are clicks from members deciding whether or not to approve my ad.  I imagine they clicked my EC button before they left (that's what I do if a potential advertiser is an EC member).  I assume these clicks don't count against my pay-per-click, so it's extra free traffic.

I never thought about this before, but this is another nice perk of running a paid campaign on EC. 

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4 Responses to Paid Campaigns on Entrecard

  1. no one is really sure if you had to pay for those clicks or not, it's been on the forum a lot, but not answered that I've seen, although I haven't checked in the past few hours.

  2. The best that I can tell there is no charge for those links. I'm basing this on comparing my statcounter with my account in Entrecard.

  3. Thess says:

    the thing I don't like about it is, people get to advertise on my blog but I don't get any credits, limiting my ability to advertise on others through paying credit.

  4. Thess,
    Well, it basically cuts your advertisement exposure in half (at the most). I think it may help you in the long run--I think the credit cost of advertising will eventually go down. This means the credit cost of more popular blogs would be within reach.

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