My First Adgitize Payment

I've officially received my first payment from Adgitize:

Not huge money, but Adgitize never claims to send big paychecks--it's more of an advertising network with perks. The main benefit to Adgitize is inexpensive banner advertising.

Having said that, it's always nice to earn a few bucks from my blogs--nice to see some of my investment coming back from the very service I advertised with. 

Feel free to try it--just click this banner:

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7 Responses to My First Adgitize Payment

  1. verabear says:

    Question, do you advertise on Adgitize too?

  2. I think it's one of the best advertising deals on the 'net.

    50 cents a day is a steal for the number of impressions you get and the exposure over several types of blogs.

    So this little payment is not net profit--it's just getting back some of the money I've invested into the Adgitize system. But it's a nice little extra benefit.

  3. Blog says:


    I used to earn an average of $13 when I was just an active publisher, but being an Advertiser gives me more earnings!

  4. Admin says:

    Cool 2X! hehehe... Cool for getting your first earnings from Adgitize and another cool for being in our beloved Philippines!

    Like you, I also love writing although I have very little knowledge or should I say patience on web development even using CMS. hehehe... I guess by the time internet is already a thing of the past, that's the time I'll master this. hihihihi...

    Anyway, more power! Please feel free to visit and read my blogs as well [sorry some words are in tagalog].

  5. Janet says:


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