Another Perk to Adgitize: More Entrecard Drops

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems my Entrecard drops have gone up since I started running Adgitize campaigns.  I think it's because many bloggers like to click both Adgitize and EC (the proverbial two birds with one stone).  Anyone else noticed this?

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  1. Hi! Just popping in. Great post. I find that adgitize brings my daily stats up so that projectwonderful does quite well ...


  2. Certainly! I know that's what I do. In fact, the first thing I do each day is hit the Max number of Adgitize sites, also dropping on the EC's. Only then do I open other browsers and start dropping EC in ernest!

  3. Mikes says:

    Wow! Im also now using adgitiz and EC. i'm not sure yet how to effectively use adgitize. hope you can help me out./

  4. Tami says:

    I'm doing the same thing. I'm dropping EV and Adgitize at the same time (that's how I found you)...and then going back and finishing up my EC. I'm using the Firefox browser for my drops. It helps save a lot of time.

  5. FishHawk says:

    I saw a fairly significant increase in my Entrecard drops the first couple of days after I started advertising with Adgitize, but it fell back more in line with the norm after that. Since, so many are on both Entrecard and Adgitize, this is an unfortunate, yet understandable, result. I would still highly recommend being on both to all who would question, however.

  6. I see it as an added benefit.

  7. I don't advertise through adgitize, but I do publish, so as I click I do hit the entrecarders as well, but my new tactic has been to leave comments on the adgitize sites as well, so that they can come to my site if they wish. Maybe this will bring my stats up, at least I hope.

    Mr. Newdilemma

    I just wish more comment boxes like your wouls allow name/url commenters instead of just blogger or open ID, considering I dont have a blogger blog, or an open ID.

  8. Mara says:

    I noticed it too! The EC drops I've been getting was way up when I advertise in Adgitize than when I'm not (which is this month). I'm doing a little experiment right now but I don't think I can hold up on advertising again, I love Adgitize. :D

  9. Liz says:

    Hi. Is there a conflict between adsense and adgitize?

  10. Liz,
    There's no problem with using both. I use both on one of my blogs with no problem.

  11. Thess says:

    I'm experiencing that now.

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