Entrecard and Adgitize: Traffic is Traffic

More thoughts on Entrecard and Adgitize.

One criticism of banner exchange programs (such as EC and Adgitize) is that members drop by your blog only to earn click credits.  I do understand this concern.  But here's the way I see it:

*For a brand new (or obscure) blogger, any form of traffic is better than getting just a handful of hits a day.

*If someone visits my blog and has no incentive to stay, that's my fault--something is lacking in my content.

In other words, EC and Adgitize do a pretty decent job of bringing extra traffic to your website.  But high quality content is what will keep readers there, and that is your responsibility.

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12 Responses to Entrecard and Adgitize: Traffic is Traffic

  1. That does seem to be the case, content is king. I think it is the trickiest thing any blogger has to contend with, writing quality post. Also updating regularly, I hate blogs that just fall off and stop updating.

    Oh, and not to mention comment boxes that only give you the choice of using a google ID or Open Id, lol ,like yours are prohibitive to people who like to use the name/url choice. (like me)

    Mr. New Dilemma

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I understand your preference with comments. I've found the settings I use helps cut down on spam--important when you are managing more than one blog.

  3. Blog says:

    since your posting about it, this is the reason why I'm dropping here from Adgitize.

    BUT... this is to let you know that I'm a fan of your KuyaKevin blogspot.

  4. Thess says:

    True. I notice increase in traffic when I got EC and adgitize. Many of my new readers come from EC too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog through adgitizing. I am a quality viewer as I alwasy stop by to comment on blogs I like. I love to also give encouragement to new bloggers. There is nothing like getting the adrenalin rush of a new comment. It 's what sometimes keeps a blogger going. I scrapped all my old blogs and am now focusing only on one. I hope I can brand it later on and do a blog tv show with loads of contests so hope to get some interactive stuff going.

  6. Razak says:

    I agree and disagree with you on this. To some degree you are right, however what I have found with at least entrecard is that people don't even look at content on that site. They are there to drop as quickly as possible and go onto the next one. This is problematic for how entrecard is set up.

    I think that Adgitize isn't quite as bad, however the problem with adgitize is that advertising isn't quite as targeted. After all, content is only king if the viewer is remotely interested. These two services work well for a site like yours because your site is targeting the same core audience as who is using both services. However, a site that isn't devoted to blogging, SEO or making money tends to do a lot worse these services due to the lack of targeting.

    Entrecard would be great if it wasn't for the drops.

  7. I would definently agree with this, however there are somethings that not even good content can do.

    I use both services and am an advicator for both, but sometimes you can't just say "its my fault" you got to realize that because you are in a niche not everyone is going to care.

  8. sagar says:

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  9. i'm not sure what to do with adgitize. but i'm doing good with ec.

  10. I am new to blogging and to adgitize. but I do read at least one article in the sites that I visit. I hope also to get more traffic.

  11. yasminjoo says:

    so true!!!

    i'm new in blogging too. Thanks for your articles!

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