Entrecard Updates

If you've checked the Entrecard blog you've noticed a couple of new things:

1.  They are cashing out credits.

My thoughts:  I'm glad to see this, but when will EC be able to give us full credits for ads purchased on our site?  I thought the cash-out would elliminate "credit inflation" and allow all credits paid to go to members.

2.  Only EC blogs are allowed to be paid advertisers.

My thoughts:  I really liked this move.  Not only does it award loyal EC members, but it seems it would help with click-through-rate on ads:  I'm more likely to check out an ad if I know I can earn a click point.

But I've noticed something else:  it seems the credit value of my blogs have gone down lately.  In other words, people just aren't willing to "pay" as much to advertise--even on my fitness blog, which gets about 1,000 hits a day.  Anyone else notice this, or is just me? 

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1 Response to Entrecard Updates

  1. The whole EC scheme crashed for a while. It may work its way back. Some days I don't see many hits through EC at all, other days it's better. But the prices that ads on my blogs were going for have not come back to anything like what they were previously. I'm not one of the top dogs, but neither was I on the bottom of the barrel... before.

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