Should I Try CMF Ads?

I'm seriously considering trying CMF Ads on some (or all) of my blogs.  You can click here to see a review and comparison of CMF with Entrecard (EC). 

Does this mean I'll stop using EC?  I haven't decided yet. 

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10 Responses to Should I Try CMF Ads?

  1. Thess says:

    Did you get an email from google too?

    Parang they offer free advertisement worth p 1,000.00 or something to that amount and you only if someone clicked on your ad

  2. I haven't gotten an email like that yet.

  3. Thess says:

    will forward the meail to you if I find

  4. Joy says:

    I was going to recommend Adgitize to you but you already use it ;) I like using Adgi and EC together. CMF is popular too but I can't give you any firsthand experience as I don't use it. I like Adgitize very much though!

  5. I am curious with CMF Ads. As of now, I have taken out my Entrecard as it creates high bounce rates in my blog. :D

  6. So far so good. I'm experimenting with it on one of my other blogs. I will remove entrecard soon if I don't see some changes in their credit system.

  7. Eli says:

    As a publisher CMF is ok. It gives you 100% of the credits from the ads which advertisers put on your blog after its completion (1 month). You can also opt for a cashout if you don't want to use your earned credits for advertising. Me, my incentive in joining CMF is simply to immediately advertise on other good or high traffic CMF blogs. Look, I was the first to put an advert in your Fitness blog when I saw your CMF widget on it. I also observed that many CMF blogs have high CPM and low on traffic, with the widgets placed in below the fold or even at the bottom of the page. I placed my adverts on 15 CMF blogs and after 20 days, some did not produce even just 1 click. I'm happy though that after only 3 days my advert on your Fitness blog got already 2 clicks.

    Eli, Business Sphere blog at

  8. Eli,
    I noticed some of the same things. I'm going to try CMF ads for a while and see what happens with it.

    Thanks for advertising over at my fitness blog.

  9. When you put a CMF widget on this blog I'll also put my advert here, as I'm following this blog. By the way, concerning Entrecard, I joined 14 days ago and I like the additional 100-120 daily visitors that it brings to my blog. You're right, traffic is traffic, and what you do with it is your responsibility, e.g. posting good quality content relevant to your niche and updating it frequently. My bounce rate after joining Entrecard is still the same, at 50%. So, based on my experience Entrecard does not cause a high bounce rate, it depends on what you do to make the visitors stay longer in your blog after dropping the card.

    Eli, at

  10. I'll think about putting it here one of these days. Just want to test it out first. This blog doesn't get nearly as much traffic as

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