100,000 hits@StrongandFit.net!

My fitness blog (strongandfit.net) has passed the 100,000 hits mark!

I started that blog in November of '08.  Things started off kind of slowly, but then they really took off the last few months:
I do have one theory as to why the traffic shot up around May/June (but I don't know if it is accurate).  I've always heard that google will not assign a page rank until your site is about six months old.  It seems that's when the traffic really started coming.  But I'm not an expert in SEO and blogging, so maybe someone else can explain it.

Regardless, I hope this will encourage all bloggers out there to stay with it.  If I had given up before six months I never would have reached this point.

Note:  By "hits," I mean page views.  

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  1. Hmmm...congrats...its amazingly.....

    I'm at : All About Samarinda

  2. Thess says:

    I switched to statcounter too. MY former stat site's been having problems.

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