Blogging Mistake: Pop-Up Ads

Someone commented about annoying pop-up ads in my previous post (re: background music).  I agree--I would never advise a new blogger to use this kind of advertising. 

I don't think anyone really likes pop-ups.  We may tolerate them if there is a website that we really like, but even then, most of us would rather not deal with them.  In my opinion, a new blogger simply cannot afford to annoy his/her readers.   

Back in the day I used a software called pop-up stopper (or something like that).  Most browsers have them built in now. 

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5 Responses to Blogging Mistake: Pop-Up Ads

  1. Anonymous says:

    The reality is... its not that the pop up really discourages you from visiting the site. Many popups load in a new browser.

    I think its the fragile blogger ego that says, "hey, I just made someone .05 CPM for my website visit."

    Releveant advertising targeted to your site's visiting demographic actually helps them with products, services, and information they might not know existed.

    I wrote about this: Are These 17 Mistakes Killing Your Blog?

    The Type of Traffic Your Blog Needs

  2. As a new blogger, I do agree that pop ups and also widgets do take up long time to download.

    But, if we don't put up advertisers widgets, how to earn money online?

    Perhaps, Sector Analyst care to advice.


  3. There's a big difference between standard ads (google adsense, etc) an pop-up ads.

  4. nahseez says:

    i always found pop-up ads to be bad.this shows the website is too thirsty for money.

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  5. ndh777 says:

    There are many ways to generate viewers and while I hate sites that use pop-ups, I look at my Adsense and how low it is due to Google not allowing me to do simple page visits but actual clicks and also Amazon and thinking that pop-ups are the way to go to generate money. I write for free but I'd like to make some money on the side while doing it.

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