The Future of Beginner Blogger Tips

I'm still not sure exactly what to do with this blog.  There are so many "blogging blogs" out there that I doubt I'll ever get ranked up there.  I also doubt this blog will ever get significant traffic or make money.  I could be wrong--we'll see. 

What I've done so far is just write down things that I've learned about blogging.  I'll probably continue to do that.  And I don't think I'll drop this blog--it's actually been a handy place to store information, such as solutions I've found to blogspot glitches. 

If you can't beat 'em . . .

But getting the guest article posted over at has given me some ideas.  I may use my future blogging ideas as a way to get traffic and page rank "juice" for my fitness blog.  Here's what I mean: I may try submitting more blog articles to other blogs with a link to This may be more useful to me in the long run than trying to compete with all the blogging blogs.

Just thinking out loud.  

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