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Another service I'm using right now is CMF Ads.  One day I'll try to write a more extensive review. 

For now I'll just say this: you can get a very low CPM (cost per thousand) and your ads will run for a whole month on the blogs you choose.  I prefer to use the network ad option, in which you just set your budget, decide what CPM you want, and advertise across several blogs.   

Just click this link to check out CMF
CMF Ads - 30 day ads starting from $0.01

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Epic Blogger/Blogspot Fail

Looks like blogger/blogspot had a major meltdown.  It lasted for two or three hours, and twitter was buzzing with messages. 

I got a bX-59cppw error when I tried to open my custom url blogs (this blog and

I got a bX-kn2493 error when trying to access the blogger dashboard.

Everything seems OK now.

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Working at the Google Complex (Googleplex)

A video on what it's like to work at the Google office complex (known as the "Googleplex").

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Just wanted everyone to know I've joined the forum.  It costs two dollars a month (1.95) and I think it is well worth it.  The fee is just enough to keep the "trolls" from spamming the forum.

There are some really good discussions going on there.  I have a feeling this forum will be the first place I go when I have a question about blogging, SEO, etc.  I've already received answers to questions that have been on my mind for months.

One more added benefit:  you are allowed to have your blog links in your signature.

So far, so gets my endorsement.

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