Adgitize Prices Go Up

OK, I just noticed Adgitize has raised prices to 24 dollars a month. 

I'm OK with this.  Their service is growing, so I expect prices to go up as demand goes up--simple economics.  The increased prices will also result in more earnings for Adgitize members (since profits are shared among the bloggers based on points earned). 

And let's be real--under a dollar a day is dirt-cheap advertising for the number of impressions you get.  

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6 Responses to Adgitize Prices Go Up

  1. Blog says:

    I've been a member of Adgitize since they started a year ago. Up to now, they are still bringing a lot of traffic on my blog.

  2. Vinay Rai says:

    I have noticed this hike a few days back when they increased the price from $ 14 to $ 24. It is ok for me but for small publishers especially from Asia it is a bit too much.

  3. I understand that completely--I live in Asia myself.

    But adgitize's system is perfect: if fewer people advertise, you'll end up with more impressions. If more people advertise, you'll end up with more earnings.

  4. cornyman says:

    more earnings if more people advertise?

    My earnings just have been stable as i'm usually one of the Top 15 in the Leaderboard even when the advertisers increased from 80 to 212 (always around 19 - 21$).

    It can't increase when the overall points increase and they increase because of more members participate, clicking and publishing articles.

    Less advertisers, more impressions?

    That's true... if all the previous advertisers have to click now 100 ads instead of 50 but if they don't... :)

    We only will see the higher earnings after the 20th November. Until 15th November the "old" ads will expire, but most of these ads have been already replaced with ads bought on 31st October for 14$. So there is no real increase to recognize. Ken Brown commented on my blog and stated that just 24 advertiser bought new ads in November in the first five days... which means 150 advertisers in 30 days... instead of the 210??

    We will see how it will work out. I believe the earnings could stay stable again in December or January as some will no more renew their ad because out of FEAR of loosing money!

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  5. I think I am not renewing my ad. I got low conversions from the traffic I gain from adgitize. Yes it boosts my alexa ranking but it raises my bounce rate. And the bloggers who clicks just for points only. Sob.

  6. Bachrum says:


    I would like to say that the Adgitize in awesome for the alternative income plus the traffic for your blog.

    That was the consequence for using the traffic booster program, the bounce rate will increase.

    If your blog primary income source from the PPC, you are not in good position...

    However, I got a lot of benefit from adgitize..

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