Blogspot: Problem Posting Pictures in Blogger

Looks like blogspot has updated their add images menu (picture loader).  It looks great--there's an option to attach a link to pictures.

Just one problem--I can't post any pictures.  I'm getting some kind of error message, even though I know I'm trying to upload a valid image file.

No need to panic.  I'm sure they'll fix it soon enough.

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5 Responses to Blogspot: Problem Posting Pictures in Blogger

  1. Chad says:

    Just noticed the same thing here Kevin.

  2. I'm sure they will fix it soon. Once it is it working properly I think it will be a nice update. I was wondering why we couldn't insert links into photos.

  3. Thess says:

    I'm using the their latest post editor. I'm not having any problems loading pictures now, maybe they've fixed it?

  4. It was just a temporary problem I think.

  5. admin says:

    hi, when I have any problem with my Blogger blog I try to let them know about it, so other can benefit from my error later.


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