Problem with Custom Domain Blogspot

Seems there's some problem with all my custom domain blogs (including this one).  I can post here, but I can't see the blog.

I'm assuming (and hoping) it is something temporary.  Anyone else having problems with this?

Update:  that only lasted a few minutes . . . it's fixed now . . . never mind.

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2 Responses to Problem with Custom Domain Blogspot

  1. Funny! I had the same problem today. I tried to access my blog but got timed out. Other sites worked fine, including and, how strange.

  2. if there is blog how can it be connected to a custom sub domain ?
    that is is the domain, but need the blog to be connected to --
    Problem is the domain host provides options to create A record with IP address only. No CNAME is available.

    A Record can be created but to which IP should it be pointed?

    can it be done?

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