The Two Types of Blogs You Should Follow

The best way to improve as a blogger is to learn from other bloggers.  I'd suggest you follow several blogs in two categories:

Blogs about Blogging

I follow,, and a few other blogging gurus.  I don't agree with every single thing they say.  In fact, I don't even read every single post--I just keep up with the feed and read posts that catch my attention.  Anyway, I've learned a lot of helpful tips from these blogs.

Blogs in Your Niche

I have a strength and fitness blog, so I also follow a few other blogs in this niche.  I like to know what my peers (or competitors, if you prefer the term) are saying.  Here are a few reasons to do this:

*You may get an idea for a new post of your own.
*You might disagree with what another blogger says and respond with your own post.
*Your fellow blogger may have run across a product that you also want to promote. 

 Hope this little tip helps.

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