Using Forums: Bypassing Search Engines

Here's another benefit to using forums:

People often look to forums to find information on products.  Most forums have some type of feature that allows users to search threads.  You can use these factors to your advantage.

It's pretty simple--you just post a link to one of your posts in a related thread in the forum (assuming the forum allows links). 

Your best bet is probably going to be posting in an existing thread (even lenient moderators tend to frown on a new thread with nothing more than a link to your blog).  Users search the forum for specific terms and find your link.  You are sort of bypassing the search engines, giving people another way to find your blog.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for a great blog!

    I have not thought of using forums in this way.

    There are articles on using other social media (like this one on my blog) called Ways to drive traffic to your blog. The post looks at facebook, twitter, linkedIn and other, more general ways like commenting.

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