Adgitize Offers Geographical Targeting

I just noticed something new over at Adgitize.

They are now offering geographical targeting options for an additional 3 dollars a month.  I really like this:

My strength and fitness blog is more for an American audience (at least, that's where the sales come from.

My personal blog ( is more for the Philippines (you can target Southeast Asia). 

I'm going to give geographical targeting a try and see what happens.

Adgitize your web site.

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4 Responses to Adgitize Offers Geographical Targeting

  1. cornyman says:

    At the moment i doubt that you might have much success with geographical targeting because in my case (Europe), most of my traffic is from North America and South East Asia and less than 15% would be from Europe.

    Topic related targeting might be a better choice for some blogs as there the interests NOT only from Adgitize members but also from Search engine traffic and other visitors are similar (but even without targeting your blog will be shown on these blogs :))

  2. dave says:

    Great - Thanks Kevin.

    I'll go and check them out now.

    BTW - I just tweeted your blog on twitter :) I think it is a great blog and that you should keep it up!

  3. The problem is adgitizers only click on members banner not on ads and/or products, like adsense, amazon, ebay, etc.

  4. Little Monster,

    That's definitely one of the issues with adgitize. But if you are a brand new blogger you'll take traffic about any way you can get it.

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