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Entrecard Revisited

I re-added Entrecard to this blog a while back.  Seems things are more stable under the new management.

I'm thinking about adding it back to, but I still just can't decide.

By the way:  is EC still giving you 50% of the credits when someone buys your ad?

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SE0 Tips

Sean Si, A friend of mine has started a new blog on search engine optimization (SEO):

I've already picked up some valuable tips from him.  SEO is one of those things I don't know much about so I'm looking forward to learning more from Sean.

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I've decided to try something new on my blogs: LinkWithin.

I've installed the widget on some of my other blogs.  It is incredibly easy and works very well with the blogger/blospot platform.  I really like the way it looks--you get attractive thumbnails of related posts below every individual post on your blog.

I can definitely see how this could make your blog "stickier"--encourage people hang around and read a few more posts. 

I'll give an update in a few days and let everyone know if using LinkWithin has changed my statistics.

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Discovering New Blogger/Blogspot Features

This morning I decided to upgrade my personal blog (   I noticed another upgraded feature to blogspot: you don't lose your widgets when you change/update your template.  

This is a really nice feature, because that used to be the most difficult aspect of changing the template.  I used to have to copy and paste all the html code from my widgets, save them as a text file, then re-post them on the new blog template. 

Now, here's one thing I have noticed about trying out a new blogger template: some of them have the top section set up for pages, not links.  Some of these templates don't have a way for you to go with links instead of pages in the top section/header.  This is a problem for me, since I prefer to have some of my major labels/categories on the top section (you can see what I mean by checking out my personal blog,

This is why I always recommend having a dummy blog to test out new templates and see if they work well for what you want to do.

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Warning: Facebook Obama Hillary Video

My Facebook wall keeps getting spammed with this "Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Sex Scandal" video.  This is apparently propagated by koobface or a similar type of worm.

You need to be really careful with any kind of "watch this video" message that gets posted on your wall.  Usually this type of link will redirect you to another site which asks you to download an update of the Adobe Flash player.  The "update" is actually the worm, which infects your computer. 

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Facebook Hack Attempt

I got a weird message today when I tried to log into Facebook.  Apparently someone from the Ukraine tried to hack my account so Facebook temporarily disabled it:

I'm glad Facebook has some security measures to catch this kind of thing.  It would have been a bit embarrassing to have a bunch of malware or unsavory messages distributed through my profile.

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More Page Rank Stuff

I read that google did a page rank update last weekend.  Let's see how I did.

Beginner Blogger Tips did not do so well:

Now, to be honest I don't remember if this blog was ever ranked, but I thought I got a page rank of 1 or 2.  Why zero?  I have no earthly idea.

My personal blog ( was dropped from a 4 to a 3.

My Strength and Fitness blog has remained at 2 (it was at 3 a few months ago). 

So apparently I really stink at building my page rank and you should take all my PR advice with a grain of salt.  But the longer I blog, the less I care about it--all three of these before-mentioned blogs are doing pretty well (this blog doesn't get much traffic, but it never has). 

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iPad Fever

I have to admit it, I'm getting a little case of iPad fever.

I have a MacBook and a few iPods but that's about it in terms of Apple stuff.

I don't have an iPhone and I don't plan to have one any time soon--I only use dirt-cheap cell phones.

But the idea of having something ultra-portable for e-books, light internet use, and videos is kind of cool.

Here are my main issues:

I'm just not yet sure exactly what will be available through iBooks. Most of what I read is Christian nonfiction. I'm also not sure how iBooks are priced.

I know if I'll just wait a year the price will probably go down considerably.

Decisions, decisions.

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Create Pages in Blogger/Blogspot

I realize some of you have already figured this out, but there's a new feature in blogger/blogspot.

One of the biggest complaints I've heard about blogger is the inability to create pages, such as an "about me" page.  Well, that has changed.  You can now create up to ten pages by clicking a tab in the posting options:

Cool, huh?

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That Was Fast . . .

OK, I just wrote my review for Triple Threat Muscle, posted it, and digged it.  I checked, and within minutes I'm #4 on google:

Now, I have to admit: SEO, and search engine stuff is just not my forte. 

I don't know if google is just getting faster at indexing or if I'm doing something right (maybe both).  I'm thankful, regardless of how this is happening.

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