Discovering New Blogger/Blogspot Features

This morning I decided to upgrade my personal blog (   I noticed another upgraded feature to blogspot: you don't lose your widgets when you change/update your template.  

This is a really nice feature, because that used to be the most difficult aspect of changing the template.  I used to have to copy and paste all the html code from my widgets, save them as a text file, then re-post them on the new blog template. 

Now, here's one thing I have noticed about trying out a new blogger template: some of them have the top section set up for pages, not links.  Some of these templates don't have a way for you to go with links instead of pages in the top section/header.  This is a problem for me, since I prefer to have some of my major labels/categories on the top section (you can see what I mean by checking out my personal blog,

This is why I always recommend having a dummy blog to test out new templates and see if they work well for what you want to do.

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