I've decided to try something new on my blogs: LinkWithin.

I've installed the widget on some of my other blogs.  It is incredibly easy and works very well with the blogger/blospot platform.  I really like the way it looks--you get attractive thumbnails of related posts below every individual post on your blog.

I can definitely see how this could make your blog "stickier"--encourage people hang around and read a few more posts. 

I'll give an update in a few days and let everyone know if using LinkWithin has changed my statistics.

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3 Responses to LinkWithin

  1. Thess says:

    I put this on my painting blog. I like it!

  2. i've been using linkwithin for a while and the result has been positive. Visitors are encouraged to read my older posts, which is good, right ?
    Have a great day ! Flowing Rhythms

  3. dr. Cinta says:

    Hmm...sounds good...let me try. Hehehe..:)

    Trims. Blogger Pemula

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