That Was Fast . . .

OK, I just wrote my review for Triple Threat Muscle, posted it, and digged it.  I checked, and within minutes I'm #4 on google:

Now, I have to admit: SEO, and search engine stuff is just not my forte. 

I don't know if google is just getting faster at indexing or if I'm doing something right (maybe both).  I'm thankful, regardless of how this is happening.

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3 Responses to That Was Fast . . .

  1. Warren says:

    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I have had #1 positions without a clue how it was done, but I just take it in stride.

  2. I'll agree with you there, Warren. What amazed me was the speed at which it happened. But I'm definitely not complaining :)

  3. KFactor says:

    Nice Kevin...but in what particular keyword it was ranked? Your has 236 organic keywords. I found it #5 in keyword "and fit", #1 in "strong and" and "strong fit", #3 in "fit muscle", #7 in "total sauna"...5 lang yan sa 236 organic keywords.

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