iPad Fever (Part 2)

I finally made the decision to buy an iPad.  I live on a modest budget, but I haven't bought any major gadgets since my MacBook (December of 2007).

So I visited the Apple store here in Birmingham.  The guy in the store was able to answer my questions, and it seems the iPad could do everything I wanted it to do: surf the internet, read ebooks, watch videos, check email, and sync with the calendar on my MacBook.  I also thought it would be cool to read the Bible on it.

There was just one small problem: the Apple store was completely out of stock.  There is a waiting period of about a week or two.  No good for me, since I'm about to leave the States and return to the Philippines.

I could buy one in Manila, but it seems they cost over 100 dollars more than the American price.

Looks like I won't be getting an iPad any time soon--unless I can find one nearby on craiglist.

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