2leep.com: Go Viral

Here's a service you may be interested in: 2leep.com

Here's the way it works: 

1. You can click here and sign up. 

2. Put their code on your website.  The best place is under the content of the blog posts.  This is the least intrusive but also encourages people to click on the banners.

3. You can add your own posts into the system.  You'll have to provide them with an image related to the post (you'll have to be able to give them a separate url for the image).

4.  If your post is accepted by the moderator it will be added to the system.  Some of the post I've added have received thousands of hits. 

I've used this with some success over at my fitness blog.  The key is to give them posts/images that are attention-getting:  something people will click.

2leep is not for every blog.  It wouldn't work on my personal blog because I don't have anything there that is viral in nature (and I couldn't add anything like that without completely changing the focus).  But some of my post over at my fitness blog are a good fit (like pictures showing extreme weight loss). 

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