Crush It Gary Vaynerchuk (Review)

Here's a first for Beginner Blogger Tips--a book review and recommendation. I just read Crush It: Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk explains how he used the internet and social media to expand his business in this fast-paced, easy-to-read book (I read it all in one afternoon).

I'll point out just a couple of things I liked about it:

First and foremost, I liked the motivational component.  Vaynerchuk explained how is family moved to the USA with very little and learned to succeed through hard work.  He also argues that now, as never before, there are ways for us regular, non-celebrity types to make a living based on our passions.

I also liked the practical information.  This author talks a lot about using the Internet and social media to network and get our message to the masses (there were a lot of really practical ideas here).  He doesn't present this as some "get rich quick" scheme.  He argues, in fact, that you'll have to put a lot of work into being your own boss.  It won't necessarily cost much money, but it will cost time and energy.

Vaynerchuk also explains "personal branding, " a concept I didn't quite get until I read this book.  He basically argues that your "brand" is your reputation, your passions, etc--the overall persona you project through whatever outlets you choose.   In other words, it is the overall "package" you present to potential employers, advertisers, business partners, etc. 

This is a very helpful read--especially for bloggers.  It encouraged me to keep going with my fitness blog, where I teach people the best way to build muscle and and get in shape.  This is one of my main passions in life. 

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