iPad Review

 It’s time for me to write my humble iPad review.

Before I get going, let me tell you a little bit about myself (and explain why I decided to try the iPad).

I’m not really a hardcore tech geek, so you’ll be disappointed if you are looking for that kind of review. I’m just a blogger who happened to switch to Mac a couple of years ago. I don’t have an iPhone or an iPod touch—this is my first time to use this kind of device (I do have a couple of iPods, but that’s about it).

I was intrigued by the idea of something I could use to watch videos, read digital books, check email, and surf the internet—something a little less cumbersome than my MacBook.  

The Apple store was sold out, but I found a brand new 16g Wi-Fi model on craigslist and bought it.

I loaded it up with videos before a long flight. Having my own personal video player made the trip (and layovers) much more palatable. The screen does tend to show your reflection, especially in well-light rooms. But I found this wasn’t hard to deal with—I just adjusted my viewing angle a big. The viewing was even better in the dark interior of the airplane.

The kindle application was one of the main selling points for me. I’ve thought about buying a kindle, but it seemed like a lot of money to shell out for something that just allows you to read books. I wasn’t even sure I’d like this way of reading in the first place. But reading this new-fashioned way was easy to get used to. I’m about halfway through one book I bought on Amazon.com. I haven’t really used iBooks very much, but I did find an ESV Bible for free.

The iPad is pretty easy to use for reading emails and websites. The touchpad keyboard works pretty well for typing out a few lines (enough for twitter, etc). I would need to buy the external keypad if I really wanted to use it for blogging, etc.

Like other users, I found the iPad’s battery can go for about 10-11 hours (just a guestimate). This is another plus for the before-mentioned long airplane rides.

I found this device to be easy to use, even though I’m a newbie to touch screens.

Conclusion: The iPad gets a “thumbs-up” from me. It will not replace my laptop, but I didn’t expect it to.

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  1. Thess says:

    it's small lang pala, akala ko it's as big as a 14" laptop.

    I thought you'd enjoy its feature allowing you to read books since you like reading.


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