Before you Blog about Blogging

It seems one of the most crowded niches in blogging is about . . . blogging.   There are thousands of blogs about making money online, having a profitable blog, making money from home, etc. 

What makes Beginner Blogger Tips so special?  What makes this blog stand out from the "how to blog" crowd?  Absolutely nothing!  I'm serious:  I just started this blog because I've given advice to my friends and I decided to share these tips with a larger audience.  I also wanted a place to post articles that would help me remember how to do stuff with blogspot, etc.  Beginner Blogger Tips hasn't made any real money for me or elevated me to super-blogger-guru status. 

But blogging about blogging has helped me tremendously.  How?  Primarily through guest posting and bringing traffic (and page rank juice) to my fitness blog

I've had the opportunity to guest post at Problogger, Daily Blog Tips, and (more recently) MaxBlogger Stories.  These are all "a-list" blogs with great rankings, thousands of subscribers, and big-time traffic.  I usually submit my best stories or articles to one of these a-listers and see if it will get accepted (see also:  Guest Posting for A-List Bloggers).

My point:  I'm not trying to discourage you from starting your own blog about making money online (or a similar niche).  All good niches are crowded, and you might just be the next Darren Rowse or Shoemoney.  But you may want to consider using your blogging articles/stories to promote a completely unrelated niche.  So far it has worked fairly well for me. 

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3 Responses to Before you Blog about Blogging

  1. Tejas.R says:

    Should we post a copy of our guest posts on our blog also?
    I am confused about this. I made a simple reference to a guest post of mine on another site. See it on my Tonz blog

    Please let me know more about this.

  2. No, you would not post it on two blogs. People want original content with no competition when you offer guest posts.

  3. lou says:

    thanks for the info...and yes, confusion is the name of the game of a new blogger.It is comforting to know that others are human too, needing guides and tips to make a good start.

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