October Blogging Updates

September was a pretty good month for my fitness blog (Strongandfit.net).  Surprisingly, I had about as many sales as I did back during January.  So far October is looking pretty good, too.  This has been a nice change of pace after a major slump in July. 

I'm a missionary in the Philippines, so my salary comes from donations.  The tough economic times have affected giving, so it's nice to have another source of income (even if it isn't consistent). 

I decided to take Entrecard (EC) off of the fitness blog, though.  It is still pretty much a non-factor in terms of bringing any traffic.  I just don't think it is worth the "real estate" I'm giving it.

Adgitize, on the other hand, continues to work out pretty well.  I bought three or four year-long campaigns and they bring pretty consistent traffic.  I'll leave EC here on Beginner Blogger Tips for now. 

My Alexa rank has gone down a little since I hit the 88,000 mark, but it has stayed above the 100,000 mark. 

Here's some news:  I have a guest post coming up on Halloween at Blogussion.  That's bound to bring some traffic as well as page rank juice.  

So how have things been on your blog the past couple of months?

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6 Responses to October Blogging Updates

  1. Clement says:

    Hey Kevin, I'm new to the blog and would like to pick up some tips on how to earn some money. I have a blog and am starting out, myself. Could you direct me to some posts on your blog?

  2. Well, just look around the blog and maybe it will help. My main advice is to be patient--it really takes time to make any money.

  3. Wow great your doing good in your blog, anyway the last month was favorable for me, my adgitize was doing good, i've learned about entrecard and hope it will brings more traffic. My pagerank was 2 before it was NA or not available.

  4. Kudos to your achievement. Now tell me how exactly did you make it? Did you advertise on other sites aside from Adgitize? My blog usually has a hundred visits from Adgitize members and I'm pretty happy because at least the traffic has significantly improved since I paid for Adgitize a few weeks ago.

  5. Avatar,
    It's more than one factor--about two years of consistent blogging. One of the keys was it took me a while to start ranking well in search engines.

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