Facebook Backup Scam

Earlier today I received a message in Facebook that went something like this:

Upon receiving this message you must reply by clicking the small Reply button next to the date and time to write that you have completely read and also completely understood this message. Click the small Reply button found right next to the date and time and then write "read and understood". You should also make a copy of this message or print it so that you can re-read it later.

Facebook may encounter some database problems soon. If a system crash occurs this might cause you to lose ALL your friends. In order to prevent this from happening we ask you to make a back-up. So you can restore your friends afterwards when you need it. If you have less then 50 friends this is isn't necessary because facebook can automatically restore your friends. But if you have over 50 friends you should make a back-up. If you have more then 250 friends (or even more) you should make a backup immediately. Please do it now otherwise it may be too late.

To make a back-up follow these instructions:
 This looks to me like some kind of phishing scam--I just erased the messages as soon as I saw them.  Call me crazy, but I sincerely doubt every profile on facebook is about to crash.

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2 Responses to Facebook Backup Scam

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes that looks like a scam.

    Just the other day I had a nasty surprise that killed some of my enthusiasm for a while.

    I clicked the Add a Friend tab for someone like you where we mutually follow our Networkedblogs. She is a pretty Brazilian lady.

    Facebook said they blocked my Friend request because 1) I had too many unanswered friend requests (meaning, unwelcome), and 2) I did not know this woman.

    Both reasons were inaccurate. They said I could soon add Friends again, but watch it! How long I have to wait is anyone's guess.

    On Googling the phrases used, I found that this probably all happened because I recently used THEIR friend finder.

    This Star Chamber justice rankles!

    What do you make of all of this?

    Rob MacDonald... Russia

  2. I've also received similar messages on facebook when trying to add friends--I really don't get it. You aren't supposed to add people? Give me a break!

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