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Free Ipad Facebook Spam

Well, looks like there's another malicious Facebook app.  This one promises a free iPad.

I'll warn everyone again: do not click this type of wall post--it seems this app takes over your profile and spams everyone in your Facebook contacts. 

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Snow and Sales

I was really looking forward to January.  January 2010 was a very profitable month for me over at my fitness blog

But this past January was disappointing.  Sales were actually lower than in previous months.  What happened?  One can never be sure, but I think I know:

This is a recent satellite picture of the United States.  So many places are cold and covered in snow, and I believe it's the reason no one is too concerned with fitness right now.  They are more concerned with staying warm. 

This may mean a better-than-normal sales in February or March.  Or it may just mean overall profits will be lower. 

This just goes to show that in blogging, as in many endeavors, there are a multitude of factors over which we have no control.  You just have to keep plugging away and producing high quality content.

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