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Looks like there are some pretty cool updates coming up this year for blogger.  You can check out this post for more information: What's New With Blogger (Blogger Buzz)

I know a lot of folks swear by Wordpress, but Blogger just keeps getting better.  Some of the 2010 updates were exactly what I was hoping for.

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2 Responses to News@Blogger Buzz

  1. Jemina says:

    I have always been a Blogger Fan ever since I found out that I could easily monetize a blogspot blog. I have so much faith with Blogger and the way they are responding to their users' demands is amazing. Seems to me like they are giving a tough competition.

  2. Kevin says:

    I think you are right, Jemina. I've enjoyed using blogger. I know each platform has it's own advantages and disadvantages, but blogspot has worked very well for me.

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