Panda Algorithm Recovery?

Resistance is Futile

I wrote about Google Panda a few days ago and how it completely slammed my Fitness Blog.

After another week or two of terrible traffic I've decided to bow to the Google gods and try to give them what they want.  "Try" is the key word, because I have no idea if my strategy will actually work. 

Here's what I'm doing:'s content was roughly 10% re-posted articles.  If I understand things correctly, Google is claiming you can get back in their good graces by removing duplicate content (or transferring it to other websites, etc).  

So that's what I'll do.  I've exported my blog, imported it to a new blog, and published all unoriginal articles at the new location.  All my original content will remain intact on I can link or refer to articles on this new blog occasionally if I want to.  I can also re-post content there (if I have permission, of course) without fear of getting smacked by Google.

At least this way I'll improve my chances of ranking better in search results and I won't feel like collecting those articles was a complete waste.

I'm not holding my breath for this to work, but at least I tried.

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