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Panda Recovery and Alexa

I've been chronicling the ups and downs with my fitness blog and the impact of Google's "panda" algorithm change.  In summary, I was hit really hard by the first phase of panda,  but seem to have recovered nicely with the second phase. 

I did take some steps to remove "duplicate content" (after the first phase), but I'm not really sure that made any difference (since only about 10% of my pages content was not original). 

Anyway, I saw another positive sign this week:  breaking the 100,000 rank on Alexa.  I haven't done that since September 2010, when I broke the 90,000 rank.

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Panda Recovery?

I've spent some time talking about what the Panda algorithm did to my fitness blog:  it really hurt my traffic coming from Google. 

I ended up investing some time trying to make sense of it all.  I've keep an eye on sites like the Search Engine Roundtable, but what I was reading wasn't promising--it seemed no one was really recovering from the Panda meltdown.  There was one bright side:  I took the opportunity to write a guest post over at (see Google Panda Update: the Lessons I Learned).  

I finally did notice some improvements a couple of days ago.   It seemed I was getting more visits for search terms (after a month of mostly just image search traffic).  It turns out there was another update on April 12th (it was officially announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog).

Here's a screenshot of my Google analytics with everything ("non-paid search engine traffic" only).

As you can see, we are not talking about massive traffic here.  But my fitness blog is not (yet) an "a-list" blog, so this improvement is quite significant for me.   Hopefully I'll continue to see improvements.

I previously mentioned removing all unoriginal content and re-posting it elsewhere.  Did that really make a difference?  I have no earthly idea.  I'm just hoping the improvement in search engine traffic is a sign of things to come. 

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KontactR: Let Readers Email You

Here's another blogger dilemma: how do you allow your readers to contact you without publicly giving away your email address (to spammers, etc)? 

I have found a very simple solution: Kontactr.   This service allows users to contact you through a form.  It is easy to use and it works.  You can post one of their widgets on your blog, or you can just have an "email me" link directly to the Kontactr form.

The sender will only know your email address if you choose to email back. 

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