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Zaggmate Review (iPad)

I've finally got my hands on the nifty little iPad accessory called the Zaggmate.  Here's my review:

One of the only things I don't like about the iPad is the relative difficulty in typing.  The Zaggmate solves this problem--it is a bluetooth keyboard and protective case.  It does add a little weight to your iPad, and the miniature keyboard isn't nearly as easy to use as a full-sized one.  But it does make typing easier than using the touch board.

The Zaggmate will not turn your iPad into a laptop replacement--I still prefer my MacBook for writing long emails or creating content.  But it's a nice little accessory for iPad owners.

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Osama Bin Laden Facebook Scam

Another scam is going around Facebook.  This one promises to show you pictures of Osama Bin Laden's body. 

Don't click it--this is just another malicious application/virus that will take over your Facebook account.

The photo you see on Facebook walls is a fake (photoshopped) pictured that has been circulating around the internet. 

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Blogging Update

Seems my traffic and search engine results are all still going pretty well.

I started promoting a new program and wrote a review: Flavia Del Monte Full-Body-Licious Review. 

I am ranking fairly well when people search reviews for this program.  So far it seems the whole Panda meltdown is a thing of the past.

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