Adding Google's +1 Button to Blogger/Blogspot

Google's +1 Button is now live. Here's the official video.  I've put some additional information under the video to help you out if you're having trouble installing the code for blogger/blogspot.

You can go to the Google Webmasters Website to see instructions on inserting the code.  It looks like this:

(You'll need to copy the code from the google website--I've posted it here as a picture because I can't post the code within my blog post--blogger interprets it as code instead of text). 

I had to tweak the instructions a little.  Here's what I would recommend:

1.  Go to your blog's control panel and click "design"

2.  Now click "edit html," and "expand widget templates."  It will look like this:

 3.  Now you'll need to find code for your post header (if you want the button on the top of your post).  It should look something like this:

 4.  Now pasted both sections of the code under your header (I found this to be easier than looking for the "close body" tag).  The end result will look something like this:

5.  Now click "save template" and you're done.

You can try this first on a crash test dummy blog if you are a little nervous about messing with your blogs html code.

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