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Spider Under Skin Facebook Scam

Looks like another Facebook scam is taking over--the spider under your skin scam.  Same song, different verse:  if you click "play" it's going to send itself to all of your contacts. 

By the way: you should know by now that anything with "OMG" on a Facebook should make you very suspicious.

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Blogger Dashboard Overhaul

Looks like blogger has done a major overhaul to the dashboard.  It's taking a little getting used to, but so far, so good.  I like the fact that you have instant access to blog stats as soon as you open your dashboard.

This is the first post I've made with the new format, and I think I'll like it.  There's a roomier feel to it.

I always wonder how many of these new features are done to compete features in WordPress.  I don't know, because I've never used WordPress very much.

So far the biggest disadvantage to the new blogger dashboard is the inability to edit html.  This also makes it difficult to import custom templates.  There's an easy way to deal with this or any other issue you don't like in the new blogger format: you can revert back to the old blogger.  This link shows you how:

How to Revert to Old Blogger in Draft Interface

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