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I'll admit it:  I have allowed my personal facebook account to get completely out of control.  It was over 2,500 contacts.

That may not bother some, but I've decided to significantly reduce the number of friends/contacts on my personal account.  It was getting a bit ridiculous.  I'm running across some profiles that I can't even read in (not English) my contacts. 

I wish Facebook had a filter that helped with the process.  But it seems the only way to reduce your friends/contacts is by manually deleting them.

I'll mention a couple of things before I go any further:

*You can significantly reduce your wall clutter buy just blocking apps, etc.  I'm assuming you know how to do that.  You can also remove an individual's activity from appearing in your wall's feed (but I wonder why you'd even have someone on your list if you have no interest in seeing their activity). 

*Facebook fan pages are the way to go if you are some kind of public figure and want to interact with large groups of people--groups that may go over a thousand.  I'm already using this strategy.

As I've mentioned, it seems the best option is to simply manually delete friends from your personal account.  There's no quick way to do this if you want to keep your account--you can deactivate your account and start over, but that's not really an option for me.

Where do you start?  I'll give you a few that are helping me:

1. Your Wall:
You can start reducing contacts with the source of the problem: your cluttered Facebook wall.  Next time to see an update that is completely irrelevant to your life just look at the profile and see if he is a candidate for "unfriending." 

2. Networking:
Look at an unfamiliar contact then see if you have mutual "friends" (either before or after you "unfriend" the profile).  You can often find clusters of people you don't know.

3. Birthdays:
This is another way you can do a daily "cleaning."  Just check the daily birthday update.  It may be time to delete the birthday boy or girl if you have no idea who he/she is.  

It's still going to take a while.  But I think I can cut my contacts down to a manageable number within a few months if I keep working at it.

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  1. Techmaker says:

    Thanks for the tips. I also suffering with this problem. Anyway now I know how to do this. Good article for all the facebook users.

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