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As social media tools go, you can’t get much better than Twitter. Utilized by millions of people for uses ranging from casual to professional, Twitter users can follow and be followed by limitless tweeters sharing their tastes and proclivities. However if you’re interested in tracking the raw data surrounding your Twitter account—how many followers view your profile, who follows and unfollows you and when do they do it—you have to look outside Twitter at other services. Here are a few sites worth checking out if you want to closely monitor comprehensive statistics about your account.

Quitter is a free service for Twitter users that tracks who has unfollowed you. Quitter will send you regular email updates about your unfollowers, including the time and date when the event occurred. The service is an indispensible tool for those concerned with their account’s popularity—if you can isolate what causes users to unfollow you, perhaps you can improve your account for the better.

TwitterCounter is a supplemental stats-tracking application for Twitter that provides super in-depth data on your Twitter account. Your account’s stats are shown in easy to understand graph format over a time table of days, weeks, months, or years. TwitterCounter will also forecast future statistics, such as how long you are estimated to reach a certain number of followers or an approximation of the followers you’ll have in so many days. You can also check the popularity of your Twitter against other accounts. TwitterCounter provides widgets you can install that keep you updated on the number of followers you have.

Twellow is the perfect service for people looking for liked-minded users. Twellow works as a search engine for accounts categorized by their apparent interests. Search through categories as broad as “Entertainment” or as specific as “Magicians” to find the accounts worth following for you. If you search for a user with no immediately discernable category, Twellow will match that user with a category that may capture the main theme of their account.

Hootsuite is a self-described “social media dashboard” aimed at the savvy social media user. People with multiple social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc.) can utilize Hootsuite as a means to access and post to these accounts from the same place. In addition to the versatility and mobility this application affords its users, Hootsuite has statistical tracking applications similar to those on TwitterCounter. You can also track trends and keywords that catch your eye so you can stay up-to-date on your favorite topics. Hootsuite allows for the ambitious social media user to network across multiple platforms and shows you your progress along the way. A must have for the adept tweeter!

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