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Another Fitness Blog Update

A few days ago I wrote this post: MI40 Mass Intentions Review.  It's a new bodybuilding program that I'm promoting on my blog.  This diet and training program was designed by bodybuilder and personal trainer Benjamin Pakulski.  He's got a reputation as being a top-notch trainer and having a "thinking man's" approach to building muscle. 

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New Fitness Blog

I've decided to start up a new fitness blog: Muscle Review.

This is my first time to do a self-hosted wordpress blog.  It took me a day or so to get the hang of it, but so far I like it.  Maybe I'll soon chime in on the whole blogspot vs wordpress debate, but we'll see.  I still think a good blog is a good blog, regardless of the platform.

I really wish I had thought of registering this new url back when I was first starting my fitness blogMuscle Review is just a much better name--easy to remember, etc.  But in my earlier days of blogging I didn't know very much at all about keyword research, etc.

I'm not sure if I'll transfer some of my posts from the old blog into the new one or just start all over with the new one.  We'll see. 

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Over at the Fitness Blog

I think most of you know I do a fitness blog.  You may want to check out my 24/7 Fat Loss Review.  This is one of the latest fat loss programs out there and I think it will be a good one.

Speaking of the fitness blog, panda seems to be kind of putting my google ranking all over the place.  I can't figure it out and I've stopped trying. 

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